Stock Price Dashboard created with Google Sheets

When chart reading there is a lot of information that is not easily interpreted by the human mind, as human minds are designed more for pattern recognition as opposed to deciphering large sets of data. 

The dashboard aims to assist chart readers by displaying short-term price stats from multiple indicators, with a core focus on MomentumVolatility, and Daily Price Statistics in a clean condensed format. The information displayed can be used as a reference, while skimming through charts. 

Search Bar To Enter Stock Code

The data is sourced from google finance using the GOOGLEFINANCE() and QUERY() functions.
To search, enter a desired stock ticker like for example, “JSE:MTN” to retrieve the results for MTN Group Limited, listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange). 

Watch the video below to view examples:

Dashboard Search Examples

Visit Google Finance to view list of exchanges available in their database.

To download the dashboard click on the link below, feel free to customize the spreadsheet and tailor the data to your specific needs.

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