Category: Analysis

The “Analysis” category is a guide for understanding the complex landscape of markets. It offers a mix of art and science to provide you with tools to navigate the dynamic terrain. Our analytical tools provide technical indicators and statistical concepts that help identify patterns and trends within market data. You can also uncover the hidden narrative of price movements through visualizations and learn how to leverage charts, graphs to gain a deeper understanding of market behavior. Analyzing price action through various lenses provides context which leads to market wisdom.


How Standard Deviation Analysis Can Enhance Your Trading

Standard deviation bands go beyond the single-line limit, revealing how price returns distribute. Wider bands signal higher past volatility, while narrow bands suggest consolidation. By observing price action within the bands, you can identify potential breakouts or periods of tight trading, giving context to the current volatility level.


Market Snapshot Part 2: Current Price

Observing the current price of a stock within a broader context is crucial for effective trading. While the current price offers a snapshot of value, it alone is insufficient for informed decision-making. By examining additional factors like price change, volatility, and momentum, a more comprehensive understanding of the current price behavior can be obtained.

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