Our Philosophy

Define Extrapolate Utilize Sustain

As opposed to the investor-like systems employed by most independent traders and firms, attempting to make decisions by analyzing the metadata of financial instruments.
Those analyses are susceptible to unpredictable real-world factors like the lifespan of an average corporation, macro-factors or news events.

We prefer to operate on technical specificity first principle approach, of the replicable reliability of a quantified instance. An instance which holds no grudges on account size, trade duration or style. Our methodology , is designed with the sole goal of seeking and finding specific exploitable behaviors which we can find consistently repeated by market actors over long periods and defining ways in which we can trade and profit in a timely, repeatable and sustainable manner.

If time teaches anything; it is far more profitable in the long run to nest yourself between the jousting giants and lay out a patch of fertile land for yourself, watching as they exchange blows, while you sit there calmly, planting and reaping as their sweat waters your Harvest. By this methodology, what you shape becomes an empire unto itself.

“In a world of Uncertainty focus on High Probability and Consistency.”
– Dues Harvest