52 Week Range


The 52-week range is a measure of a stock’s performance over the past year, calculated as the difference between the highest and lowest prices achieved during that period. To make this metric more meaningful, we calculate the current price relative to the 52-week range. This figure is obtained by normalizing the 52-week range and expressing the current price as a percentage of that range.

GOOGLE SHEETS FORMULA ( Current Price Relative To 52-week Range)

Cell B1 = Stock Code




Google Sheets, 52 Week Range Watchlist
Google Sheets, 52-Week Range Watchlist


This dashboard provides a comprehensive stock performance overview, focusing on the 52-week range. It includes:

  • Near High/Low List: A table that displays stocks whose current price is closest to their 52-week high or low. This allows traders to quickly identify stocks that may be approaching a significant price level.
  • Pivot Table Grouped by Sector: By grouping stocks by sector and displaying their 52-week range, traders can quickly compare the performance of stocks within the same sector. This enables easy identification of sector leaders and lagging stocks, offering insight into the overall sector balance.
  • 52-Week Range Distribution Pie Chart: A pie chart that shows the distribution of stocks based on their 52-week range. The chart is divided into four categories based on the percentage of the 52-week range that the current price falls within. By grouping the ranges into categories, traders can easily see where the majority of the stocks fall within the ranges, allowing them to identify any trends or patterns that may exist. This can be particularly useful in determining whether the market is currently in a bullish or bearish phase.
Google Sheets, 52-Week Range Dashboard
Google Sheets, 52-Week Range Dashboard

52-Week Range Formula Tutorial

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