Tag: Price Volatility

Utilize Google Sheets to analyze price volatility, measuring fluctuations and variability over time. Explore formulas and techniques for effective risk management and strategy development in your financial analysis


How Standard Deviation Analysis Can Enhance Your Trading

Standard deviation bands go beyond the single-line limit, revealing how price returns distribute. Wider bands signal higher past volatility, while narrow bands suggest consolidation. By observing price action within the bands, you can identify potential breakouts or periods of tight trading, giving context to the current volatility level.


Using Price Range to Gauge Intraday Performance

Using the current price relative to daily true range indicator can provide valuable insights into a stock’s performance throughout the day. In this blog post, we explore how to use this tool to monitor a stock’s intraday performance, identify bullish or bearish signals, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of short-term price dynamics


Volatility Spike Indicators Google Sheets Formulas – Sigma Spike & Range Spike

Using price volatility to measure price moves is based on the fact that daily price returns are meaningless without context. Therefore, short-term price history is required to understand the significance of a price change

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